Friday, January 11, 2008

Evi enjoying her first visit with Paternal Grandparents

Evi has enjoyed her trip to New York so far. She made the flight with out any problems. She slept the whole way and didn't cry at all.
She survived Duff"s. The wings were hot and the crowd was loud, but she made it.
Grandma is always taking her away from her parents. She is even learning to handle that.
Rides in the car bring happiness and naps. Tonight we go to Chef's for dinner, she will like that too.
The best part of all is that she seems to like her new travel bed and changing table. She sleeps well and ends up sleeping to about noon NY time, so Dawson and Jen are enjoying sleeping in while here.
Meanwhile in Utah, Lukas celebrates his 4th birthday while Slade looks on. Sorry, I had trouble gettint the pictures from my phone to the computer. I'll post the pictures later.

Cardiology Update: "Post Surgery Euphoria"

Today I saw my Cardiologist, Robert P, Gatewood for the first time since surgery. He entered the room saying, "Hello Skinny!". From there it went uphill. He was so happy about my lab work. I mentioned that Triglycerides were still at 299 and he said, "Those labs were very soon after surgery, the next report will be much better!". He was thrilled with Total Cholesterol of 155, LDL of 69, HDL of 40. A1C at 6.1 and Glucose at 90.
I asked if he was comfortable with the changes his staff make when my Blood Pressures went dangerously low. They DC's Terosimide, and halved Enalapril and Coreg. We are going to halve again the Enalapril and Coreg for four months, do a Echo Cardiogram and if the Cardiac function is still good, we will DC those two drugs. This would have the result of removing all blood pressure drugs, all cholesterol drugs, and some others along the way. What a Rosie Scenario.
I questioned him. "If we are able to DC these drugs in four months as outlined, does that mean I have beaten CHF. He agreed that would be the implication.
Needless to say, I was very happy with this appointment. Not only are the appearances improving, although that is not my motivation, but now the health parameters are coming into line to bring about my major motivation, Improvement in my Health.
Next on the schedule was the Orthopedic office of Dr. Slough. I will be taking a series of three Symvisk injections in the left knee. This should make it less painful and allow me to resume exercise. Knee replacement is the next stop but these injections could give relief for several years to come. I guess insurance companies are pro injections because it pushes back to time for knee replacement. So I guess the norm could be many injections in the knee over time. These are administered in series of three injections at a time, exactly one week apart.
All in all a pretty good report. I hope you revel in the content of this blog submission as much as I do. That's all for now.